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"Wha for Scotland's King and Law
Freedom's sword will strongly draw,
Freeman stand or freeman fa',
Let him follow me!"

The Foresters House is run by Jim and Rhona Wallace who are very knowledgable about William Wallace and will help in any way to enable you to achieve the "Wallace experience".

If you have a desire to come to Scotland and tread in the footsteps of your ancestor William Wallace, who is considered one of the greatest of Scottish heroes, then the Foresters House is an ideal touring base for you. The Foresters House is located in the area where the Wallaces in Scotland originated from. In fact William Wallace was born not far from The Foresters House.

Hollywood can not give you the full story. William Wallace was a hero, that much is true but there is much more to his story and the man himself than any film can ever portray so come and explore the authentic reality of the man and the legend.

Suggested William Wallace Tour Itinerary:

Day 1.

Paisley Abbey

Visit Elderslie, the birthplace of Wallace. Although his house is a ruin, you can still get the feeling of what the house would have looked like in the days when William Wallace lived there.

Visit the inspiring Paisley Abbey nearby where William Wallace was educated. There you will see The Wallace Memorial Window. This window can be found at the west end of the south aisle. The base of the design contains the shield of Wallace, wreathed with Scottish thistle and supported by swords of Wallace's time.

Day 2.

Stirling CastleVisit Stirling - The castle and the Wallace Monument in commemoration of Wallace’s victory at Stirling Bridge. Bannockburn is also nearby and will provide information on the Wars of Independence that Wallace eventually sacrificed his life for.



Day 3

Visit Falkirk, the location of Wallace’s defeat. There the Scottish army amounted to thirty thousand men and the English army at nearly one hundred thousand. The Scots with Wallace at their head fought bravely but at the end of the day the Scots were defeated and fifteen thousand of them died on the field.

Dumbarton Castle

On the way back from Falkirk you can visit Dumbarton castle where Wallace was held before taken to London for “trial”. He was charged with treason but Wallace pleaded not guilty: as he had never been the subject of the king of England, he owed no allegiance and consequently could not be a traitor.  He was nevertheless found guilty and sentenced to death. He was hung, drawn and quartered on the twenty third of August 1305, a dreadful, cruel death for a brave and patriotic hero.

Come and join us.

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